CDS Custody Agent Services

The CDS offers a range of services related to Registrar Services and Corporate Actions, handled by the CDS, for listed companies.

Offered services are related to ledger management, rights issues, sub-divisions/consolidations, capitalization of reserves, scrip dividends, share swaps, amalgamations and conversion of warrants in to shares with several value added services. More info.

Among the services offered are; shareholder query management, provision of customized reports, preparing direct deposit data and direct deposit error corrections and amendments; apart from the standard functions performed.

Also, a customized set of services can be offered as per the requirements of a listed entity. Further information can be obtained by contacting;

Assistant Manager - Customer Relationship Management, Mr. Hemal Weerasinghe on +94 72 593 5301/+94 11 2 356 451 or via